Abdul Aziz submitted nomination papers for E-cab Election of 4th biennial executive committee of e-commerce association of Bangladesh-e-Cab for 2022 to 2024 which will be held on 18th June. Abdul Aziz, the founder of Jachai.com, has submitted his nomination papers to contest the elections.
“I am a candidate for all e-cab members,” Abdul Aziz told Odhikar TV online about the election. Inshallah, if I win, I will make all the necessary arrangements to make e-Cab a permanent Trustworthy organisation. He further said that he would like to work for the solution of the identified problems in the e-commerce sector and for the welfare of all the members of e-Cab and for the realization of the interests and rights of e-Cab members. For this he also added “I have submitted nomination papers for the post of director in e-cab selection.”
“If I win the election, in the coming days I will have a series of discussions with the members on e-commerce issues and identify the problems and take initiative to solve each problem by making a list of the identified problems. Considering the opinions of all the members of e-Cab, I will always be engaged in the welfare of the members ”
In addition, after five months, I will take initiative to update the progress of all the works and the list of unfinished works based on the opinion of the members. On the other hand, Abdul Aziz wants to establish e-Cab as a strong organization besides building public confidence in the e-commerce sector.

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