1.What is the adjective form of the word ‘people’?
Ans: populous
2.He contemplated marrying his cousin.’ Here ‘marrying ‘is an/a-
Ans: gerund
3.The word ‘to genuflect’ means-
Ans: to bend the knee
4.Fill in the blank: ‘She went to New Market…’
Ans: on foot
5.Fill in the gap:Birds fly………..in the sky.
Ans: at large
6.A speech full of too many words is –
Ans: a verbose speech
7. Identify the correct synonym of the word ‘magnanimous’
Ans: generous
8.It is high time we (act) on the matter.
Ans: acted
9.Identify the correct sentence :
Ans: The girl burst into tears.
10.The phrase ‘sine die’ means
Ans: uncertain
11.Do you have any money……….you?
Fill in the gap with the appropriate preposition:
Ans: on
12.A (herd) of cattle is passing’.The underlined word is an/a
Ans: collective noun
13.What is the antonym for the word ‘deformation’?
Ans: wholeness
14.Words inscribed on a tomb is an…
Ans: epitaph
15.The phrase ‘dog days’ means –
Ans: hot weather
16.Which gender is the word ‘orphan’?
Ans: common
17.What is the noun form of the word ‘laugh’?
Ans: laughter
18.Identify the word which is spelt incorrectly?
Ans: ocassion
19.Change the voice: ‘Nobody trusts a traitor.’
Ans: A traitor is not trusted by anybody

1. Moby Disk’, a novel, was written by……
Ans: Herman Melville
2.If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” – Who wrote this?
Ans: B Shelley
3.O Henry was from –
Ans: America
4. Where is the setting of the play ‘Hamlet’?
Ans: Denmark
5.’No Second Troy’ is a-
Ans: poem
6.What kind of play is ‘Julius Ceasar’?
Ans: historical
8.Who is the author of ‘Jane Eyre’?
Ans: Charlotte Brontë
10.Who is not an Irish writer?
Ans: D.W Lawrence
11.Who wrote the play ‘ The Way of the World’?
Ans: William Congreve
12.”Better to reign in Hell,than serve in Heav’n.” – Who wrote this?
Ans: John Milton
13.Which of the following novels is not written by an English writer
Ans:  One hundred Years of Solitude
14.Who is the poet of the poem ‘ Ozymandias’?
Ans: B. Shelley
15. The most famous romantic poet of English literature is..
Ans: William Wordsworth
16.Who is not the Modern poet?
Ans: John Keats
17. Who is the author of the novel ” The God of Small Things”?

Ans:  Arundhati Roy

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